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About Butterfield

The name of the ten aged young cute actor is Asa Maxwell Thornton F. Butterfield was born 1 April,1997 Islington, London, Uk. He started acting from 2006. He is son of Jacqueline Farr and  Sam Butterfield. He is the 2nd  of three children.  Morgan is his elder brother who engage as a drummer, a English band name “Oats” and “Underneath the Tallest Tree” and a younger sister Loxie. He likes reading books, playing computer gems.


When he was only 7 years he started first acting in his hometown the young actor theater hall. In 2006 he played the role of Andrew, a television drama After Thomas and played the role Brethren Boy, the name of the film son of Rambow in 2007. In 2008 he played a guest role as Donny, in  Ashes to Ashes and in the same year he played a led role in another film  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas as Bruno . The film director Mark Herman cast the boy out of hundreds of other boys and satisfied Butterfield’s outstanding performance. He was nominated for The British Independent Film Award in the category of most promising New comer.


Marlin episode “The beginning of the End” in 2008 his  character as actor a young druid boy, sentenced to death by Ather pendragon. For the reason that he was susceptible  of by the boy’s magic. He was anxious the if the boy does, Arther can not stay alive in spite the counsel & warning of great dragon.  With the help of Margona, Marline and Arther escape the boy to rejoin the Druids. Arther wants to know the name of the boy about disappearing in the forest he says Mordred, the important character, from the  Arthurian legends who is thought to Kill King Arther. The next episode Butterfield plays the role of Mordred.

In The Wolfman he appeared at the side of Anthony Hopkins in 2010. He played together with Emma Thomson as Norman Green in Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. His presentation was excellent and obtained positive reviews. Consequently, he played the chief character as Hugo Cabret the 3-D film Martin Scorsese. In November 23, 2011 the film released. In 2012 he nominated for three awards. Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award in the category Best Youth in Film and secondly Empire Awards in the category of Best Young Actor /Actress thirdly Young Artist Award, in the category of Best performance in a Feature Film- Leading Young Actor.

Misfortune: He was beaten by Dev Patel from Slum Dog Millionaire, as he was      nominated “The British Independent Film Award” in the category of Most Promising Newcomer. Secondly he was nominated for The NSPCC Award (Young British Performer of the year) by London Critic Circle Film Award,  but he missed out this award too.


Butterfield will play the science fiction novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card as a Ender Wiggin the upcoming film adaptation.

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Actress Emma Watson (Part-II)

Emma Watson (Part –II)    

The 5th installments Harry potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter series released in 2007.The film was financially successful   set a record worldwide amounting $332.7 million.  Watson nominated the best final performance and awarded National Movie Award. The name and fame of Watson and her co-actors reaches the top of the rock. She was ranked 6th on the Forbes list of Most Valuable Young star In March 2009 and she earned Hollywoods highest  estimated £19 million as a female stat.

Harry Potter and the order of the  Phoenix, the fabulous success film. But the leading three actor was h agitate to sign to continue their roles for final two episode. But on March2, 2007Ratcliffe signed for final film. Decision was significant to signing the final film by Watson. Because it was four year commitment for the role. At last she agreed to sign and on March 23, 2007 she done. She was given double amounting £ 2 million per film.

On 15 July2009  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiered and  the Los Angeles Times.Described a “a comprehensive guide to contemporary UK acting” The Washington Post felt Watson played “most charming performance to date” While The Daily Telegraph  express the lead actors as “newly-librated and energized. Eager to give all they have to what’s left to the series.

On February 18, 2009 the final installment of Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows began and ended on June 12, 2010. The book was divided in two parts due to financial and scripting reason and shoot were completed one after the other and the first part and second part was released on November, 2010 and July 2011 respectively.

Other activities: The first non-potter role was 2007 in BBC film Ballet Shoes an edition of the novel of the same title by Loel Streatfeild. The director of the film recommended that Watson was “ perfect for the starring role of aspiring actress” .  The animated film  The Tale of Despereaus, Watson also lent her voice to the role of Princess Pea. The Tale of Despereaus released in December 2008 and earned world wide $87 million.

She acted The Parks of Being a Wallflower in 2010 and she announced that she would appear in a music video One night Only with lead singer George Craig at 2010. Another video  “Say You Don’t Want It” was screened on Chnnel3  on 26 June, 2010 and released on 16 August. On 2011 Watson appeared My Week with Marilyn as Lucy.

Modelling:  In Jun 2009 she appeared Burberry as the face of their autumn /winter campaign and in 2010 she also appeared in spring and summer campaign with Alex, her brother, musicians George Carig and Matt Gilmour and Model Max Hurd. In 2011 Watson awarded the Style of icon. She never bacl her involvement in Fashion advertisement and choose as the face of Lancome in March 2011.
She involved with People Tree, a Fair Trade fashion brand in 2009. She worked here as a creative adviser for spring clothing. Her creativity inspired Southern France and London. She has good knowledge about fashion too.

Fabulous Actress Emawatson (part-I)

Emma Watson at a glance:
The fabulous English actress when she was only six she wanted to be an actress and  s age of ten she starts acting with a school plays and various stage productions. The little girl with her strong desire and self confidence she became an famous film actress  in the  Harry Potter series as the role of Hermione Granger. She owned several awards from the year 2002 to till. Not only famous actress but she is a creative fashion designer and model of Icon.  She proves herself as an actress which she desired at the little age by self confidence.

Emma Watson and her personal life:

The full name Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, was born on 15 April 1990 in Paris, France. Her father is  Jacqueline Luesby and  mother Chris Watson. Both of they are British Lower. Until the age five Watson lived with her French grandmother in Paris. After divorce of her parents Watson and her younger brother moved with her mother to Oxford shire. Until June 2003 Watson  took admission in the Dragon School at Oxford and then she moved to Headington school at Oxford.  Watson and her peer schooled up to five hours a day for film sets. In June 2006 Watson appeared at the CCSE   examination in ten subjects and secured eight A* and left two A grades.  Due to begin the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in February 2009 she took a study gap but she told definitely wanted to go University. She chosen Brown University, situated in Providence, Rhode Island. After 18 months in March 2011 at the University she declared that she was deferring her lesson due to more time to build up advertising for release of second Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and other projects. So she announced that she will be continuing her studies in atutmn on an exchange program to Worcester college, Oxford. She also declared that she will complete her final year at Brown University.

Film Life
Watson wanted to be an film actress and from then she admitted in a part time theater school, name Stagecoach Theatre Arts at Oxford  branch and took training for a number of years. There she studied singing, dancing and acting. When she was of ten she performed various stage production and school plays including Arthu: The Young years and The Happy Prince. But before Harry Potter series she had never acted professionally. She acknowledged in a interview “I had no idea of the scale of film series” “If I had I would have been completely overwhelmed”

Begining the film career Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone (released name was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in the United States)in 1999,written by the J. K Rowling the famous and best novel selling British author. Watson impresed the producer David Heyman by her self confidence and selected for the role of Hermione Granger the school friend of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.  Danial Radcliffe  and Reupert Grint was selected for the role of Harry potter and Ron Weasley respectively. Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone released in 2001 and watsons made herself debut screen performence. From the opening day tto week-end the film broke records and taking the highest grossing film in 2001. The perfformanc of three leds deserved pariseed but The Daily Telegraph particularly acclaim for Watson performnce √§dmirable and IGN said She stoen the show. She was seleted For five awards for her fabolus performance in Philosophers Stone and wining the Young Aritst Award for leading Young Actress.

After a year the second instalment of the series Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets started as Hermione. Audience recommended the lead actros performance.Los Angles Time said  Watson and her peer already matured between films. Fro her excelent performance the German magazine Bravo nominated Otto award.
The next instalment Harry potter and the Presioner of Azkaban released in 2004. She played the role of Hermione. She performed her role Charismatic and fantastic. Although the film Presioner of Azkaban remains  lowest grossing in Harry Potter Film of April 2009.Her personal perormance was excellent and she wined Otto awards. She was awarded as a Child Performance of the Year award from Total Film.

In 2005 the new instalment Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire touched the new mileston in the series. Critics appreciated Watson and her teenage co-stars their performance reaches the top mark of maturity. The Goblet of Fire nominated for three awards but Watson won a bronze Otto award. Latter Watson became the youngest person to appear on the cover of Teen Vogue, She reprised in August 2009. In 80th birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth-II Watson played hermione in the Queens Handbag, a special mini episode of Harry Potter.