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Help; helpless
Every humane being has a mentality to help other. But question arise when help, What help, & How help? There is a life in a small insect to noble creation. If we try to save them, it is one kind of help. When we go out of our house, there are lot of needy or help less. We give some alms  to them. It is not real help. If we really help the needy we can change our lookout and technique. I think, when  we want to real help we can provide the needy by money to do something himself like small business, hawker etc. or provide him some work as he can. This will be a real help. Because, the needy will not come in future to beg. How? Every day you  give some thing to needy. Please stop to give. What you give some thing every day you put it in your home. After twelve month you will open and count. A lot of money you gathered there. Now select a needy person whom do you want to really help. Talk with the needy person and ask him the reason to beg. Perhaps he will say if I have some money, I would start a small business. Because, nobody want to beg. If he has physically sound he never likes begs. Then you can handover the money that you decided and say please do some thing as soon as possible. You can again say I will look after your business.
After some months when you will go to that  person you will see that the needy is happy salute you.
Now you think what is done by you. It's bobble creation too.

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